Bangor Primary School

New Gas and Water Service and Meter Connection

Bangor Primary School was a newbuild project, commissioned by Bangor City Council as part of a local investment project to improve education facilities in the local community by amalgamating three local primary schools into, one state of the art, facility.

Utility Site Services were engaged to install a new gas supply capable of 588 kwh and new Water Supply including a dedicated firefighting main. In order to deliver the scope of works, we needed to extend the passing Gas and Water mains to site to allow the service lengths to fall within the compliance criteria.

To extend the gas mains, we supplied and installed 105m of 90mm PE low pressure pipe. For the water, we connected onto the exiting local 4″ water main and installed 160m of 90mm HPPE water mains. Both were on an excavate and lay basis.

Once both were pressure tested and adopted by the local networks, we were able to install the services by connecting 85m of 90mm PE low pressure gas service terminating internally with an 80mm ECV. For the water, we installed a 63mm connection (inclusive of Chambers) and a 63mm dedicated fire main. In order to provide the customer with an end-to-end service we installed a low pressure U65 gas meter and arranged the installation of the water meter for the main school supply.

Project challenges surrounded the demands of Traffic Management where access to a local hospital and access to the existing local schools had to be prioritised.  Our project managers worked with the developer and the local highways authority to find an optimal window in the programme of works to the deliver a robust traffic management programme. Connections were completed during school holidays to minimise disruption to the local community.


Project Value – £85,656.02


  • Connection onto the existing 4” CI water main via an Under-Pressure Tee
  • Installation of approx. 85m x 90mm HPPE water main on an excavate and lay basis
  • Installation of Approx. 80m x 90mm HPPE water main on a Lay Only basis
  • Installation of the 63mm fire main and 63mm connection (inclusive of chambers) on a Lay only Basis
  • All associated valves and fittings
  • Pressure Testing and Chlorination of the new mains and fittings


  • Supply and install 105M x 90mm PE low-pressure main and an 85M x 90mm PE low-pressure service terminating internally with 80mm ECV
  • Supply and install new low-pressure U65 gas meter
  •  Excavation, backfill and reinstatement of public domain trenches (105m)