Blaise Quarry Biogas Plant

New Electricity Connection

Blaise Quarry Biogas plant is a £18m new build Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant, situated near West Malling in the South East. The plant constructed by BioConstruct GmbH, a German biogas EPC contractor is a maize food waste plant to create 700 nm3/h of renewable green gas to be used in the regions heat and power sectors.

Utility Site Services were engaged to provide a turn key 230/400V High Voltage Contestable works package to provide a 500KVA Electricity import and export connection to be used in conjunction with the on-site CHP plant.

In order to provide the scope of works we supplied and installed 1550m of 11kV 3x1x185mm Aluminium cable, including joints and terminations. This ran from the point of connection to High Voltage Switchgear, before terminating at a HV metered supply point. Past the metering point we supplied, installed and commissioned the private side substation arrangement which reduced the voltage from HV to LV, terminating into LV switchgear with the customer provided distribution panel.

To provide the customer with the desired end-to-end solution, Utility Site Services had to tackle the demands of private side excavation and reinstatement of a shared access road used by a fully functioning quarry adjacent to site. We also arranged the installation of the High Voltage 3 phase CT meter.

Project Value – £625,078.25

  • Supply & Installation of 1.55km 11kV 3x1x185mm Aluminium cable
  • 4x 11kV HV joints & terminations
  • Supply, installation & commissioning of 1 x 1000KVA Private Side Transformer
  • Supply & installation of 1 x HV Switchgear
  • Excavation & reinstatement in the public and private domain
  • Supply & Installation of 1x LV Switchgear
  • Installation of a High Voltage 3 Phase CT Meter