Royal China Group

Gas infrastructure to development

Royal China Group – Bang Bang Oriental Foodhall

Located on Edgware Road in north London, the Royal China Group had decided to add to an already impressive global portfolio with a new oriental food hall. The 32,000 square foot eco-friendly venue compromises a food court, restaurant and community space – all under one roof.

Utility Site Services were approached in order to provide a turn-key solution to solve the challenge of gas infrastructure to this multi-faceted development. The client had already been working with a global M&E contractor who had advised and costed for a solution that would have been fiscally restrictive and resulted in much higher long-term costs.

Undertaking a full design study, we recommended a blend of utilising existing landlord provided infrastructure in both their energy centre and a separate service to the ground floor Golden Dragon restaurant. To supply gas to the food court, we installed a new dedicated fiscal service, sub-metered along its outlet pipework run for the 20 kiosks. This would allow for a transparent cost breakdown between all of the clients individual tenants, but also provide cost centre separation between the different commercial and shared areas.

Contract Value – £148,000

  • New 90mm PE gas service capable of 1500kwh
  • Gas Kiosk and Base
  • Low Pressure U160 Gas meter
  • 4″ Copper outlet pipework
  • 20x U16 Gas Sub meters