Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

Any organisation offering site-works faces challenges in offering those services to its client base. In the current industrial and commercial market, when choosing which Energy Consultancy they wish to partner with, many companies will show preference to those that can offer site-works as part of their wider service offering.

Each project is unique, with its own set of complexities that will require you to have the technical expertise and experience in order to transact and deliver that project. The result is that you have to invest time and resource into an industry which is synonymous with a lack of communication and pro-active project management from service providers. Along with reputational risk between you and the customer there is also the commercial risk that you are not getting the correct return of investment on your internal resource.

Utility site services work with some of the UK’s leading Energy Consultancies providing a range of transactional and white label embedded services. No organisation’s site-works requirements are the same, so we tailor our approach to meet the individual requirements of that customer. To discuss how we can work with you, please contact our commercial team on: 0844 804 2505.

Water Services

Electricity Services

Gas Services

Here are a few areas our team of experts can assist you with.

Multi Utility ICP

We can undertake Gas, Electricity and Water (including drainage) new connections and metering nationwide. In addition to this, we also offer the following services:
- Meter Installations
- Meter removals
- Private side pipework (Water & Gas)
- Service Disconnections
- Service Relocations
- Service Upgrades

Project management

We offer a unique project management service against all of our projects that gives us an unrivalled client experience during the delivery phase.

We achieve this by a single point of contact who is a utilities expert across the entire project lifecycle and our project time and motion study that we issue for every accepted project that breaks apart each aspect of that project into easily understandable elements.

Site works procurement

As we are independent of any network, or meter provider, we can go out to market to do a full tender, report our findings to you and to then contractually wrap the best price, if it is not our own, to include a margin for yourselves.