High Headley Biogas Plant

Biogas plant upgrade and export to grid

WJ Drennan – High Hedley Biogas Plant

High Hedley Biogas plant is an existing Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant situated in the North East near to Durham. The AD plant was producing gas which was being utilised to create electricity and exported to the Electricity grid.

Utility Site Services were approached to provide consultancy services to identify and introduce a principal contractor to provide a turn-key solution to upgrade the plant. This would enable 500m3 per hour of gas produced to be transported via pipe line to Northern Gas networks infrastructure where it could be used by local homes and businesses.

We were successful in identifying an organisation to undertake the works and continued to provide key support and consultancy services through the feasibility studies up to the financial close. As a result of our introduction and recommendation, the project saved £1m at financial close in comparison to the market leader who had offered a quotation directly.

The upgrade will go live in January 2020, with a gas to grid date of 23rd January.

Project Value – £3,400,000

  • 5.1 km of 180mm PE 100 gas pipe from Biogas plant to network point of connection in local town Esh Winning
  • Consultancy Services
  • Gas grid entry unit
  • Gas Upgrade Unit
  • Onsite Civils
  • Upgraded gas flare