Electricity Metering Services

Electricity Metering Works

Utility Site Services provide meter installation services for both commercial and domestic properties. Our customer focused team are industry experts in electricity metering.

We offer a range of electricity metering services from installation, relocation, upgrade or removal.

Every site is unique, but don't worry, we will provide you with a single point of contact dedicated project manager to help understand your requirements from the outset and deliver your meter requirements, efficiently and on time.

We provide the following services around electricity meters:

- Domestic Meters
- Single Phase Meters
- 3 Phase Meters, Half Hourly & Non Half hourly)
- CT Metering
- Sub Meters

Providing a customer focused one stop shop for all Electricity services enables us to cut costs and project completion time. To discuss a project or to find out more call us today on 0844 804 2505 one of our team would be happy to help.

We provide a straightforward, efficient and customer-focused service across all electricity services, including the following:

- Connections including design and feasibility studies for 11kv to 33kv electrical connections
- Temporary or permanent supplies
- Evaluation of network point of connection quotes
- Electricity Supply Upgrades
- Cable laying and civils works
- Jointing (LV and HV Live)
- Electricity Supply Diversions
- New Electricity Connections
- Substation Installation and commissioning
- Site investigation and evaluations
- Substation Installation and commissioning
- Electricity Supply Disconnections
- Power Cable Installations
- Substation removal and decommissioning
- Electricity Meter installation and / or disconnection

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the timescales for Install?

Standard industry lead times for a meter install are 28 working days. Don't worry, our metering experts are able to support you through this process, to save time and meet deadlines. We will remove the frustration of having to chase multiple parties and deal with a single point of contact through the process.

Do I need a supply agreement ?

In short....yes. Industry regulations will not allow meters to be installed without a valid supply agreement in place. This will need to be arranged via your chosen supplier.

Utility Site Services deliver new connections and metering services to some of the UK's leading energy consultancies so we would be happy to make a recommendation to you if you need some help.

Why work with Utility Site Services?

  • You will receive a dedicated account manager who is an experienced siteworks expert
  • Track record and reputation in the energy industry of delivering bespoke utility infrastructure projects
  • We have full UK coverage
  • Complete end-to-end infrastructure for water, electricity and gas
  • Expert advice on industry compliance with up to date guidance on regulations
  • You will have complete peace of mind that your project is being dealt with by a qualified professional.
  • Fully insured and compliant in Health & Safety procedures

A Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) is used to identify individual electricity supply points. It is usually a 21-digit number with the letter ‘S’ at the beginning and is displayed in a grid.

Kilovolt-ampere (kVA) is the measurement for your agreed supply capacity. This refers to the capacity of the network cables. The amount required for your cable installation work is agreed between you and the distribution company

Metering that is 100 amp and above.

It is the sum of the annual consumption of all meters on a site. This comes from National Grid, and is based on historical usage from previous years. Measured in kWh (electricity) or Therms (gas). Supply Point AQ is the total annual consumption of all meters on a site. Meter Point AQ is the AQ for a particular Meter Point.

AMR is the term given to a system that provides automatic meter readings remotely. It uses telephone technology and holds the ability to transfer data into a billing system.

An organisation accredited by the Pool Accreditation Body to carry out Data Collection for Half Hourly (HH) Metering Systems. The DC is appointed by the Suppliers to retrieve and validate metering data and forward it, by Metering System, to the Data Aggregator. The DC may be appointed by the customer but must always be accredited and contracted to the customer’s Supplier.

The agent appointed to aggregate the meter reading data which is received from the Data Collectors (DC) and subsequently forwarded to the Supplier.

Since April 1998, code 5 meters have been mandatory for all sites over 100 kva, and voluntary for sites under 100 kva. This meter sends your consumption record by telephone or radio every half-hour to a central data bank. The supplier will then receive this information from the data collector and bill the client accordingly.

It works via a communication device connected to the meter allowing the data collector to remotely connects to the meter, obtaining half-hourly consumption.

A standard unit of electrical power equal to 1,000 watts. Kilowatts are the units used to measure Maximum Demand. Kilowatt hour is a unit of energy consumed.

The organisation appointed to maintain metering equipment. They are paid directly by the supplier to maintain metering equipment.

Unlike a Half Hourly (HH) meter a meter reader must visit the site to obtain readings. There are different tariffs (SSC) available.

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