Water Connection Services

Water Connection Services

Utility Site Services have the expertise to install all types of water connections nationwide.
From new water mains and service connections, to relocations and upgrades of existing water supplies, whether you’re a business or homeowner, we have the experience to deliver.

We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive, hassle-free service to get your project delivered efficiently and securely.

Every project is unique in its size or nature, call us today to discuss your requirements further and we will allocate you a single point of contact to guide you through the whole process from start to finish, on time and on budget.

We provide a straightforward, efficient and customer-focused service across all water services, including the following:

- Commercial water supplies
- Disconnection of existing water mains and services
- Domestic water supplies
- Installation and disconnection of water meters
- New Water Services and mains connections
- Relocate or alter existing water supplies
- Temporary Builders Supplies
- Water mains installation
- Water supply upgrades

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

Each and every project is unique, so we are unable to give an immediate price. The cost can be affected by the size of the connection you need, the distance from the property to the nearest point of connection to the water main, and the complexity of the works. Give one of our project specialists a call today and we will co-ordinate the entire process for you.

What are the timescales for a quotation?

We have guaranteed standards of performance to meet in providing quotations, ranging from 10 working days to 65 working days. For small projects, these timescales are usually at the lower end of the range. These are deadlines, not targets, and we will always endeavour to provide quotations as quickly as possible.

Why work with Utility Site Services?

  • You will receive a dedicated account manager who is an experienced siteworks expert
  • Track record and reputation in the energy industry of delivering bespoke utility infrastructure projects
  • We have full UK coverage
  • Complete end-to-end infrastructure for water, electricity and gas
  • Expert advice on industry compliance with up to date guidance on regulations
  • You will have complete peace of mind that your project is being dealt with by a qualified professional.
  • Fully insured and compliant in Health & Safety procedures

Industry standards which are rigorously monitored by the regulators.

They ensure that others follow the rules on connecting, using and maintaining pipes and water fittings inside homes and businesses.

These rules are designed to stop the waste, misuse, undue consumption, erroneous measurement and more importantly contamination of the drinking water supply.

A valve that allows water to stream in one direction and will then close to prevent development of a back-flow.

A water purification process in which chlorine is added to water for disinfection, for the control of present microrganisms. It is also used in the oxidation of compound impurities in water.

Developers pay infrastructure charges to appointed water companies when a new property is connected to either a public water supply or a public sewer. The infrastructure charge provides a contribution to the investment required as a result of the demand that new developments generally place on the local distribution or sewerage network.

Distribution pipes which carry treated drinking water.

A device for measuring the quantity and flow rate of water.

The measure of average use per person in an appointed water company’s area. Companies are required to report estimates for both metered and non-metered consumers.

A company authorised immediately before the passing of the Water Act 1973 by any local statutory provision to supply water, or a company in whom the assets of any company so authorised have subsequently become vested.

That portion of pipe which conveys water from the main to the customer’s house/commercial property and which is on the customer’s property.

That part of the pipe which conveys water from the main to the customers house and which is in the road or footpath.

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